Catering FAQ's

  • Catering FAQ’s

  • How much advance notice do you need?
    It depends on the size of the order. Smaller orders can usually be accomodated with a day or so notice. In general, a week or more is appreciated, especially for large parties. For single item orders, many of our menu items are always available. Large quantities and some specialty items need a longer lead time, particularly dishes that we make exclusively to order, or specialty meats, such as the Heritage turkeys and spiral hams.

    Holidays are a particularly busy time. We have limited capacity and we encourage you to place your orders as early as possible as we cannot always accommodate last minute orders.

    Do you do catering for offices?
    Yes, for information on our corporate catering menus and delivery services, please call the store at 203-458-8888.

    How do I know how much to order?
    We can help you determine how much you’ll need. The number of guests, the time and kind of event, and how many other dishes are being served will help us to guide you.

    Why are there no prices on the menu? Each catering order is created specifically for your event. We base the cost on the number of people and the amount of food you need. Some dishes such as lasagna are served in standard sized trays but other dishes will be calculated based on how many will be served, not the size of the tray.

    I won’t be serving the dish until the following day. How do I reheat it?
    Not to worry, all of our dishes are very easy to reheat, and we’ll give you instructions for anything that needs to be reheated.

    What about special dietary needs?
    We offer a variety of vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free and vegan dishes. If you have an allergy or sensitivity to a particular ingredient, please let the chef know. Some of our dishes can be adjusted or substitutes can be used. (Minimums may apply on certain dishes that require alteration.) The chef can also suggest alternatives.

    We do use nuts in the production of some menu items. We do not use peanut oil.

    I’d like to serve the meal on my own serving platters. Can you do that?
    Yes, but it’s a good idea to bring it in so the chef can see if the size accommodates the dish.

    I have a small oven (or refrigerator). Will the trays fit?
    Generally most ovens will accommodate the large trays, but if you have space constraints or if you’re concerned that a large tray may not fit in your oven or refrigerator, let us know and we can suggest alternatives, such as two half trays or different shaped containers, that will work for you.

    Do you have servers and can you deliver?
    At this time, we are unable to offer staffing or delivery service.

    What is the cancellation policy?
    A minimum of 48 hours is required for cancelling a catering order. As we are a small business and we purchase ingredients, do prep work and plan our staffing according to the amount of product and work required, we cannot absorb the cost of the labor and food product that has been cancelled at the last minute. Cancellations less than 48 hours or any orders not picked up by the close of business on the order day will be charged in full to the credit card on file.